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Celebrities Without Makeup

Haifa Wehbe

I was looking at a celebrity entertainment site and I was reading comments that some readers left about how perfect some celebrities were. After that, I felt the need to show my readers that nobody is perfect. We all have imperfections and so do celebrities. It doesn't make us or anyone else "ugly", rather it makes us who we are.

Stars Without Makeup:

Rani Mukherjee

Myriam Fares
Kim Kardashian

Kelly Ripa

Marilyn Monroe

7.7.11 / by / 3 Comments


  1. I think Myriam Fares still looks pretty without make up

  2. Hi Dan,

    I think they all do. I wanted to show all my lovely readers that we are all beautiful with or without makeup. As much as this is a beauty blog, I want others to embrace their natural be comfortable in the skin their in. :)

  3. kimm istill looks georgeous


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