A History Lesson In Make-up

Make-up has been a major factor of the fashion world just as much as the clothes, hair, and accessories. Many people think that make-up consists of the occasional eye-shadow and lip gloss.  As a fashion lover, I love my make-up just as much as the average woman but just like fashion, makeup had it's humble beginnings.
            It all goes back  to about 6000 years ago in Egypt, where castor oil was used as a protective balm.  In Africa, there were remedies that were used to treat wrinkles around the time of Thutmosis III.  There was even a special ointment that was used for scars and burns which included red ochre, kohl, and sycamore juice.  While in Japan, Geishas wore lipstick that was made of crushed safflower petal to paint the eyebrows and edges as well as the lips.  How interesting, before my generation especially, there were many ways to beautify some of the greatest Egyptian goddesses.
            As we fast forward to 2013, make-up has made drastic changes. For one there is make-up for colored woman that solely fits for their complexion.  For example, companies like Iman, Cover girl Queen Collection, Interface, and Vera Moore provide make-up designed to help even tones for women of color.  These make up companies have been around for as long as 1975 and still growing today.    Also, there are eye shadows that are made to a point where it blends all on its own where all you have to do is swoop a brush and wipe on your eye and your eye is well blended.
            Make-up has come a long way since the Egyptian queens.  In the year 2013 make-up has advanced to the point where African American women have their own cosmetic companies strictly for them.  Eye shadows have advanced to the point where it literally does certain things itself. I just wonder what will be next.

This was a guest article by our lovely fashion intern Erika. Erika Varner is a junior at Virginia State University in Petersburg, Virginia and is living in Hampton, VA. She is currently majoring in Mass Communications. Erika plans on pursuing a career in journalism with a focus on writing about fashion.  


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