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The Perfect Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Choosing a hair color to compliment your skin tone might seem like a headache to some but here's the best way to choosing a color that you'll love! The key to finding your perfect hair color is to contrast your skin tone instead of matching it.

There are three main undertones categories which are the red, blue, and yellow undertones. By looking at your veins, you can determine which undertones you have. For example, if your veins look blue, then you have a cool skin tone instead of a warm tone.

If you have a light cool skin tone, you tend to be pale with little or no pink undertones. If your natural hair color is black, brown, or blonde try a burgundy or a red ruby color.

If you have a deep cool skin tone, you tend to be olive brown to ebony. Try deep rich shades browns or black. Add a red-toned highlights for a extra change.

If you have a light warm skin tone, you tend to an ivory colored skin. Try light shades of blonde with golden highlights.

If you have a dark warm skin tone, you tend to have a sun-kissed golden skin. Try to go for dark shades of brown. Add in caramel highlight to spice things up.

If you are to do this at home, please use semi-permanent so if you do not like the color, you can always change it. I prefer that you have a pro do it instead! Good luck!

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