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Lebanese Bride Leila

Today I had the pleasure of doing a Lebanese girl's bridal makeup. She was absolutely gorgeous to being with and I couldn't wait for the final product. This was her first marriage and she was nervous since she is starting a new chapter in her life. She was looking for a natural look, yet she wanted the eyes to be a little dramatic.

 I decided to go with a purple & black blend on her eyes making sure to use black only on the outer corners of her eyes. The purple eyeshadow brought out her big brown eyes. Black eyeliner pencil was used on the waterline and a liquid black eyeliner was used on the top of her eyelid. A white, frosty highlight was used one the brow bone for a finished look.

For her cheeks, I went for a NARS orgasm  blush, which is such a great blush to have handy. It is very natural looking and the color stays on for a long time.

Since the main focus was on the eyes, for her lips I did a lite pink tone mixed with a clear gloss. It suited her very well since she had great skin and the color of her skin was an ivory tone.
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