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Small Eyes? How To Make Small Eyes Seem Bigger

Being in UAE or any khaleeji country, one main thing that everyone notices is a person's eyes. Eyes are the window to the soul. But what if you wish to make your eyes seem bigger? Does black kohl (eyeliner) work?

In order to make small eyes look bigger, use a white frosty eyeliner on the tear ducts and waterline (the inside of your eye) inside of a black eyeliner.  A black eyeliner will only make them seem smaller then they actually are.

 The white will intensify the eye and make it seem bigger. A great brand to use would be Sephora Collection Jumbo Pencil in white or NYX Slim Eyeliner Pencil 906 white. Make sure it is pencil and not liquid eyeliner. You don't want to use liquid eyeliner on the inside of you tear ducts or waterline. It might irritate the eye and it will be removed every time you blink.Line the top of your eye and the bottom  with black kohl for a completed look. If you wish, extend the end of your eye with the black kohl for a cat look finish.

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