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Vaseline For Eyebrows, Lips, and More!

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly 13 oz (368 g)
I love it when I can use a product so many times over for a variety of different things, and god knows I love using Vaseline for almost everything! Vaseline contains petroleum jelly which is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons. Petroleum jelly is a non-polar hydrocarbon that is hydrophobic and insoluble in water. Why is that important to know? Well since it is hydrophobic (water-repelling), it can't be easily removed by water (this is when a Biology degree comes handy!). It's used in many cosmetics, skin moisturizers, and lotions.

Way To Use Vaseline: 
  • Got chapped lips? Dab a small amount on your lips in the morning and at night every day. The Vaseline will keep all the essential oils in your lips in place instead of it being lost due to water or the atmosphere. Your lips will be super soft and smooth in no time!
  • Thinning Eyebrows? Dab a small amount on your eyebrows once a day. The use of petroleum jelly on the eyebrows encourages hair grow on bald spots. Your eyebrows will grow in the direction the Vaseline was applied.
  • Messy Eyebrows? If your eyebrows are growing in every direction, you can use Vaseline to tame messy eyebrows. Dab a small amount whenever needed, but be careful not go overboard.
  • Hair Dye On Skin? If you dye your hair at home and tend to get messy with the dye, put some Vaseline where you would normally get dye on the skin before applying the hair dye. After you have finished putting the hair dye, use a cotton ball or a tissue to remove the Vaseline from the skin.
  • Harsh Nails? Harsh chemicals on your nails like nail polish remover strip away all essential oils for your nail. If your cuticles are not as soft as you would like them to be, dab some Vaseline on your nails every day. It's a great remedy for getting long, strong, beautiful, soft nails.
  • Dry Or Scaly Feet? Before going to bed, generously apply Vaseline to your heels and put on socks to cover. Wake up tomorrow with softer more supple looking heels, worthy of showing off in sandals or flip flops.
  • Want Long, Vixen Lashes? Put Vaseline eyelashes by brushing the lashes with a clean mascara brush. This helps to make your eyelashes stand out more with or without mascara, and it is a healthy conditioning treatment for them as well.
  • Hate Lipstick On Your Teeth? Red lipstick may look great on your lips, but on your teeth. Smoothing a little petroleum jelly onto your front teeth before applying your lipstick, keeps the red color where it belongs. 
 Hope that all you lovely readers enjoyed the many uses of Vaseline! I just had to share why I love it so much!!

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