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Proper or not?

A few nights back, I was walking down Hamadan street and decided to grab a cup of coffee. I noticed one lady that walked in afterwards that was beautiful but her makeup was totally off. ! I couldn't help but then wonder is it proper to tell someone that their makeup is a tad tacky? How about someone you personally know? Is it proper?

I actually did tell a friend of mine once. She had just applied red lipstick and it smudged all over her teeth. Of course I had to tell her because we were going out and I didn't want her to feel embarrassed if we went out and someone else tells her. One of my other friends had told me that a co-worker of hers came up to her and told her that with less makeup she was more beautiful. She was grateful that her co-worker came and told her that and was amazed at how graceful she had done it. My friend began to realize that for everyday outtings that less is more, especially at work.

Tell me what you think, is it alright to tell someone that their makeup is too much? Is it alright to tell someone close to you? Have you ever had wanted to tell someone or has someone told you?
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