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Thin Lips?

The best solution for thin lips? Lip plumpers! They will give you the jaw dropping pout that you always dreamed of without the cost of surgery or the fear of going under the knife. It gives you the naturally, fuller looking lips without the commitment.

There is a variety of plumpers on the market for a variety of price ranges. Most plumpers that I have tried on myself as well as clients tend to have a little tingly feeling, so don't be shocked if you feel some tingle on your lips. It just means the product is working. One of my all time favorite lip plumpers is Buxom Buxom Lips which is sold by Sephora. It is very well hydrating and not too sticky, which is great. It also leaves your lips very moisturized. Chanel and Dior also sell similar lip plumpers but I personally believe the Buxom is better and it is also less expensive then the other two.

Warning: Applying lip plumper might get you mistaken for Angelina Jolie.
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