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DFW: Gmaash

Dubai Fashion Week is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate then to talk to local designers that will showcase their collections at DFW Spring 2011! Moza Al Mazrou, a local Emirati fashion designer and founder of Gmaash is showcasing her collection on the 19th of April,. She sits down to talk about the struggles of being a designer, the rewards that come with, and future goals for this local brand.

When did you realize you wanted to be in fashion?
"Fashion was an unexpected venture for me, I had taken a fashion sketching course for fun back in 2006, and saw an ad for a fashion competition sponsored by Sharjah Ladies club and Saks, and ended up wining second place! I decided then to study fashion although I already had a bachelors degree, and 4 years later I started my own brand."

How did you start in the fashion business?
"My start has been slow, but my main move was entering the Emerging talent competition in DFW back in April 2010, that was officially my first collection."

Why did you choose UAE as your starting platform?
"I am an Emirati and so wanted to represent the UAE and be one of the first ready-to-wear designers that uses UAE heritage as inspiration."

What are some of the struggles that come with being a designer?
"They are quite a few, but the main one I would say is production, as a start-up designer, costs can run quite high if you're not investing in big productions of each collection. It takes a while to figure how to design a collection so that it's production process is more manageable and efficient."

What are the rewards?
"For me the reward is when I design and produce a collection and get great feedback on it, it's such a tormenting process of designing and having to anticipate the outcome."

What do you see for yourself/your brand in the next 5 years?
"In 5 years I hope to see Gmaash stocked in the gulf and Europe, possibly with a diffusion line."
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