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DFW: La Chantal

Saba Waseem, founder of La Chantal, will be showcasing her collection on the 19th of April at Dubai Fashion Week. The brand has been expanding its reach among three different continents with plans of opening stores not only in Dubai, but the UK and Pakistan as well.  The promising talent talks about how she realized she wanted to pursue fashion as a career, how her time is spent, as well as future hopes.

When did you realize you wanted to be in fashion?
"I always had it in me and knew I would start this sometime, so finally I reached my target and did it. I feel a great feeling about it."

How did you start in the fashion business?
"At the beginning it was stressful and not easy, however when I started it I faced a complete change in my life. At earlier stages, I started to design my own collection then slowly I started to go wider after I presented my collection in a show in London. The best is yet to come and this makes me to love what I am doing."

Why did you choose UAE as your starting platform?
"UAE is considered a great marketing place. It combines different tastes and designs in one place and this what makes it as a great hub for fashion."

What are some of the struggles that come with being a designer?
"The hard part is when to put the right things in order to get a satisfactory results at the end. I face some struggles in time management between my designs and family. Yet all  is under control. Also, sometimes I don’t have the time just for myself instead am spending all the time at work."

What are the rewards?
"In my opinion the rewards are satisfaction and appreciation. I don’t ask for anything else other than be satisfied after people’s appreciation. This makes me feel so proud of myself."

What do you see for yourself/your brand in the next 5 years?
"I do see myself by time as a successful designer and LA CHANTAL is where I want to be."
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