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Tinted Moisturizer

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Almond

One thing a lot of ladies complain about is that they feel their foundation is heavy, especially when summer comes around. Yet, they aren't willing to let it go! How can  they get flawless skin if they don't use foundation? Well, this is where tinted moisturizers come into your life! 

Tinted moisturizers cover blemishes but are less heavier then foundation. They won't make you feel cakey  like some foundations do and they tend to stay on all day if you use a primer before hand. Especially when you're in desert weather, foundation can feel like it's slowly melting off your face. Tinted moisturizers are the answer to the humid or dry weather. One of the best ones that I came across is by Laura Mercier , which has SPF in it. Not only will you look flawless but you will be protected from the sun! I love that!

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