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Why You SHOULD NOT Do Your Wedding Makeup

A lot of brides try to cut corners and save money by doing their own bridal makeup or hair. As wonderful as that may sound, doing your own makeup (or hair) for your wedding day is a huge no-no in my book, even if you are a professional makeup artist. On my wedding day, I actually had another professional do my make-up.

The reason is, on your wedding day, you should be pampered instead of running around doing your own makeup, hair, or whatever else. Being a bride is already stressful and on your wedding day there is always last minute things that tend to pop up out of nowhere, so why add doing your own hair or makeup to the list? It is also a great investment to have a professional doing your make-up since you will most likely be taking pictures, making videos, and remembering the event for the rest of your life. Enjoy your wedding and allow yourself to be pampered by a makeup artist!

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