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And Then There Was Light

I remember when I was way younger I was watching one of the award shows and they were giving out awards for everything in television. One of the categories was that that the best makeup crew in a series. I remember that when the main makeup artist came up to give his acceptance speach, he mention what the best trick for flawless makeup was.

He said, the trick to perfect makeup is having good light. I always kept that in the back in my head for some odd reason since this was before I became a makeup artist. Once I embraced the world of makeup, I finally realized how important lighting was. I worked in one salon where they had a dimmed makeup station and the makeup that I do would looked different once the customer stepped in another room. It still looked pretty though!

Now where ever I apply makeup, I immediately look at the lighting before I begin. It's like it's been hard wired into my brain that light is a makeup artist's best friend. Of course, ideally natural light is the best to work with. That is why I try to fit in makeup customers in the mornings. But if it's not possible, try to have a well litted station that wil give you the same results if the customer were to go to a different room with a different light.

Even though it might seem like an obvious or unimportant aspect of makeup, it does make a difference when you begin to notice.

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