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Khaleeji Makeup: In or Out?

Khaleeji women are known for their dramatic makeup. It's what makes Khaleeji makeup and beauty unique. Yet with the changing times and changing trends, I have noticed more and more women who are Khaleeji embracing natural looking makeup. There are a few exceptions of course! Special events tend to bring out the Khaleeji makeup artist in all of us.

Yet, on the most part, I feel that more younger generations are looking for a fresh, dewy, natural makeup look. The reason that I am interested to know what you all think of Khaleeji makeup is that I have been asked to do that specific makeup for a new venture that I am thinking of joining.

 Do you think that a makeup artist must do Khaleeji style makeup in order to make it in UAE or any gulf country? Is Khaleeji makeup style in or out? Let me hear your views!

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