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How To Whiten Underarms

Dark underarms is one of the most common beauty issues that women can admit to having. Yet there are those who are blessed or pretend to be since they mastered the secret to whitening their underarms. Here is the breakdown of why and what the secret treatment is.

The reason many people have dark underarms is that it may be genetic. That is something we can't do anything about but there are others that we can. Another common reason is that they get dark because of shaving or plucking. Every time you shave or pluck your underarms, you cause micro abrasions to occur. When these wounds heal, they became darkened.

Certain brands of deodorant also cause the skin to darken because the skin might be sensitive to an ingredient in the deodorant. Loose skin also adds on to the issue. So what are some good ways to treat this at the comfort of your own home?

What You'll Need:
Juice of 1 Lemon
Powder Alum
Cotton Ball
Small Bowl

Cut the lemon and squeeze the juice in a small bowl. Add 1 teaspoon of alum powder to the bowl. Mix the ingredients together and apply using the cotton ball. Leave the mixture on for one hour. Do this daily until you see the skin color improve.

Alum is great in controlling odor and sweat! It is used as a natural deodorant.
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