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Eat Like The French & Lose Weight

French Actress Marion Cotillard
I love love love learning about how other cultures and how they normally live. One of my friends recently told me about how the French eat. It's the key that helps Parisians stay slim. So how do they exactly do it?

First, the French love food! Therefore when it's time to eat, they take their time. They spend from 45 minutes to 1 hour eating and enjoying their meal. They taste every bite and chew eat bite at least 20 times. Plus they eat in silence and never go on diets!

Second, the main meal of the day is lunch, not dinner. Breakfast and dinner are very light compared to lunch.

Third, no drinks during a meal. No soft drinks or juices are consumed while eating. Some even avoid water since the salt in the food can retain water. They either have it before or after, but preferably before.

Fourth, everything is 100% fresh, like it was just pick from a garden.

Fifth, they always start with a salad. It not only fills their hunger but it keeps them healthy.

And last, they always take a walk after a meal, especially lunch.

Try to take a few of these ideas into your life and see how they make a difference.

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