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Reader Question: How Do I Connect To Other Professionals?

Hi Alia,

I love all the wonderful advice you give to all the makep artists & beauty lovers. I am just starting out as a makeup artist myself and I am wondering how to connect to other professionals in the same field? Thank you Alia!

-Foziah K.

Hello Foziah, thanks so much for your question and I am so glad that you are benefiting from the blog. There are numerous ways to connect with other makeup artists wherever you live. One way is to join groups within social networks that targets professionals in the field. You can even find groups that are deciated to specifiic cosmetic brands or styles of makeup.

There are also various conferences that invite makeup artists from all over the world that speak about various products. There is also international trade shows like IMATS that are carried out in various cities all over the world that any makeup artist can attend. There makeup artists can purchase new products from makeup cosmetics way before they hit the markets.

Plus there are other artists that provide demos of the latest makeup trends. You will find makeup looks ranging from bridal to SFX. It's great for experts and beginners alike.

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