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Avocado Oil 
I love eating avocados and not only are they a healthy source of vitamin A, C, and E  but they are also extremely moisturizing when used on the skin. Which is great in the summer time in hot, sunny Abu Dhabi!

The oil is especially abundant in fatty acids which help in balancing the skin's moisture levels. They are also high in sterolins which are great in reducing brown spots, reducing skin damage, and helps in the process of healing scars. It also is proven to increase the amount of collagen the skin produced which by default decreases when we age. The oil is wonderful for dry or dehydrated skin, mature skin, and anyone who is looking for a natural moisturizing effect for their skin.

Avocado Moisturizing Recipe:
1/2 tablespoon of avocado oil
1/2 tablespoon of primrose oil
Small Towel

Combine the avocado oil with the primrose oil in a small bowl. Mix the oils and apply it to the areas that need moisture, like your face, neck, and lips. Grab a small face towel and dip in warm water. Put the warm towel on the area for about a minute so that the oils are absorbed in the skin.

Stay beautiful ladies!


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