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Enass Abu Sidu: Makeup Artist

Here at TG, we are starting a brand new segment where we will be featuring makeup artists, fashion designers, stylists, and everything in between that has something to do with the beauty and fashion industries. We will be asking questions related to their profession, including what inspires them, where they will see themselves in the near future, and what lessons they have picked up along the journey. By doing this, we get to learn from each other as well as inspire future talent. Hope you'll enjoy this new part of The Glambassador. And if you are in the beauty or fashion industry, get in touch, we would love to hear your stories!

Today, we sit down with makeup artist Enass Abu Sidu.

Enass Abu Sidu: Makeup Artist
"I was passionate about makeup and fashion since forever.  I studied art, specifically in relation to the fashion and makeup field. I am Palestinian who was born in UAE and grew up there. I love to mix colors, very different colors! I love experimenting with the color."

TG: What's your makeup philosophy? 
"Be what you are and wear what you are!"

TG: What type of women are your clients?
"My clients are the people who likes to wear light makeup, not the very heavy makeup. But for the fashion shows, my clients are those who are looking for the weird, artistic makeup." 

TG: What or who encouraged you to get into makeup?
"My whole family at the beginning refused this as a job. So I started giving makeup classes in Dubai Ladies Club for around one year then they understood that I love this field, so I continued the classes for about more than 3 years and at the same time I was doing makeup as a freelance job."

TG: What advice would you give to aspiring makeup artists?
"Focus on the basic steps."

Enass applying makeup on a model

Makeup application by Enass

Makeup application by Enass
Enass also is the founder of the fashion brand Seedo, check out her previous interview here.  
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