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Reader Question: What's the best masks for oily skin?

Hi Alia,

I tend to have oily skin and I would like to know what is the best  masks for oily skin. I tend to break out easily when I use most beauty products. Thank you and I love your blog. Keep it up!


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Dear Kristal,

Thanks for your wonderful question and your sweet comments! Well, having oily skin is due to over-active sebaceous glands. The great thing about oily skin is that you'll have a hard time developing wrinkles. The not so great thing about oily skin is that blackheads, whiteheads, and acne have a easier time developing. When using beauty products, make sure they are suitable for oily skin and do not already contain oil. Nowadays it is easier than ever to find beauty products that are without oil, gluten, and 100% natural and organic.

As for masks,  mud masks work great for oily based skin types. The mud cleanses out impurities and leaves the skin quite refreshed. The mud masks also take out some of the natural oils already on the skin. Go for natural, organic mud masks if they are available in your beauty stores.

I hope that it helped you out Kristal and remember to stay beautiful!

-------------------------------------------  XOXO -------------------------------------------

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