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What I'm Loving: Hany El Behairy

Egyptian fashion designer Hany El Behairy has gotten my attention! This guy can design the floral out of you. What I'm loving about his designs is that they are chic, modern, and glamorous. These are the dresses you should be wearing if you want to make a statement! They do remind me of Elie Saab a tad but I do think that his approach is different in the sense that Saab tends to lend more towards the Parisian style of design while El Behairy style is more Arabian . El Behairy is full on glamor, glitz, and glitter. And he's been doing this since he was 15. Count me in as another obsessed fan because I am all in! Can't wait to see what else he's got up his sleeves. Check out some of his past designs below. Enjoy darlings :)

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