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Easiest Way To Fade Scars

We all got a few scars that we wouldn't mind hiding. That's what makeup is great for! Well, there is another alternative that can fade scars without going to the doctor's office. What's the secret? Potatoes! Yup, it's one of the best kept secrets to reducing scars and removing blemishes. We talked about how great potatoes can be for removing dark circles under the eyes (see it here), so it's not hard to believe that potatoes can be used to fade scars from past acne problems for example. Potatoes contain acidic astringents which will remove the dead skin cells, revealing a new layer of fresh cells. The scars are then reduced and with continuous use the scars begin to fade.


Cut a raw potato in half and apply it on the area that is affected. Rub it in a circular motion for 30 seconds. Rinse with warm water.


Do this process twice a week until you reached your desired result.

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