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Eman Khattab & Nema El Suloh: Fashion Designers of Eclat

Here at TG, we are starting a brand new segment where we will be featuring makeup artists, fashion designers, stylists, and everything in between that has something to do with the beauty and fashion industries. We will be asking questions related to their profession, including what inspires them, where they will see themselves in the near future, and what lessons they have picked up along the journey. By doing this, we get to learn from each other as well as inspire future talent. Hope you'll enjoy this new part of The Glambassador. And if you are in the beauty or fashion industry, get in touch, we would love to hear your stories!

Today, we talk to Eman Khattab & Nema El Suloh, fashion owners and designers of Eclat from the lovely country of UAE.

Eman Khattab (Left) & Nema El Suloh (Right)

"We are Eman A. Khattab & Nema B. El Suloh. We were both born and brought up in our beloved UAE and share a special friendship since our university days. We both love art and fashion was one of the exciting ways for us to express our creative side. There was always a unique synergy between us and after years of much hard work and patience, Eclat, which is French for "dazzling display, striking effect, ceremonial elegance, splendor and light." was finally launched in January, 2012 in the UAE."

TG: How did you get your start in the fashion industry?

"Eman: It started from my early childhood; I grew up dressing up my Barbie dolls with dresses that I have made from leftover materials around the house. As I got older, I started watching fashion shows and reading fashion magazines to know what the latest season trends are. I began making my own clothes and adding my personal touches to store bought pieces for myself, mom, sisters and friends which helped me find my own personal style quickly."

"Nema: I started to show interest in art since I was 12 and by art I mean all aspects of art; drawing, painting, modeling art pieces in addition to making some accessories which had me looking into the latest fashion trends.  When I joined university, I started to have the freedom of mixing and matching my clothes a lot more unlike when I was in school where we had to wear uniforms. I was always careful of my choices and never followed trends blindly, but chose what suited me." 

TG:What inspired your current collection?

"Our current collection was inspired by the treasures of the orient. We employed Suzani and Afghani embroidery as well as sequin and bead work into some of our pieces. We also used the hamsa and the evil eye protector in other designs. We chose vibrant colors and loose cuts to preserve the magical and demure nature of the orient.The current collection features abayas, dresses, caftans, jackets, tops, skirts, pants, scarves, clutches and more."

TG:Who is your muse? 

 "It has to be Italian actress and model Monica Bellucci for her iconic beauty, glamour, diverse accomplishments, strength of character, and power to seduce."

TG: If you can design for any persona, who would it be and why? 

"We would love to dress Monica Bellucci! She has killer curves and she is very comfortable with her own body. We would also love to design for Blake Lively because she is well known for her love of fashion and because she has great taste."

TG: What is your fashion philosophy? 

"We are convinced that less is more. Simplicity, which is in line with international fashion trends, is luxury. Our fashion philosophy revolves around bridging cultures as we aim to create fusion pieces that have an East meets West feel – the Eclat signature result is therefore a fun, trendy, conservative, chic and unique piece with a cultural flavor that caters to a confident and modern woman. Any Arab or western woman can wear our designs because they cater to all tastes and ages."

TG: Any upcoming projects? 

 "We are working on our new collection for A/W 2013. Also since we are crazy about handbags and they are important, necessary accessories for every woman, we are working on designing a handbag collection. We might even design shoes in the future as we want to be able to offer women all their needs through clothing, bags and shoes."

TG: Give us one piece of advice for aspiring fashion designers. 

"Designers should of course comply with international fashion trends but should not lose themselves in the process. A designer must always leave his/her own imprint as well."

To contact Eclat founders Eman and Nema:
Mob.: +97150 5619741
FB: @Eclat.EN

Eclat is currently stocked at Candella Boutique at the Village Mall in Jumeirah (Dubai, UAE) and at Dados Boutique at The Pearl (Doha, Qatar). It will also be available for purchase at
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