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Nail Trends For Winter 2013

Accessorizing your nails is officially the ultimate fashion statement and next year is no exception. We've talked about one crazy nail trend (see it here in case you want to remember) but let's talk about what's in store for the new year? Here's the inside scoop.

Nudes With A Twist: Nudes are always in but this new year calls for a brand new way of looking at things. Take your simple nude color polish and add white lines using tape to make it pop out. Or how about taking a cue from Joy Cioci's Spring/Summer 2012 runway show and add fishnet (or mesh) fabric at the tip of your nails to make it extra special.

Color Blocking: Wearing more than one nail color on one finger is in and the possibilities are endless. Color blocking nails are all the rage and whether you do you contrasting colors or colors within the same family is all up to you. Go for colors that compliment your skin-tone and if you want to be bold, add striping tape to the equation.

Make It Matte: If you want to kick elegance in high gear go for matte based nails instead of glossy. The matte texture makes your nail design that much more chic. 

What would you be wearing on your nails to bring in the new year??

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