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Reader Question: Should I Thread, Tweeze, or Wax My Eyebrows?

Hi Alia,

I recently began to become interested in taking care of my eyebrows and I want to know what is the best way to groom eyebrows? I used to tweeze a lot and I tended to over-pluck. My friend said I should try threading my eyebrows to a better look. Why do you think? I love reading your articles and if you help me with this that would make my day! Thanks.


Hello Zara,

Thank you for your sweet words and for the question. I have talked about how to shape eyebrows correctly and even how to make your own eyebrow stencils , which is why I feel that eyebrows are one of the most important facial feature since they shape the overall look of the face.

You can have a beautiful face but if your eyebrows are over done, something tends to look off.

I find that tweezing is best for a few stray hairs that aren't in place. Waxing is more of way to reduce the thickness of the hair overtime since continuous waxing  promotes finer hair.

But if you are lacking hair in the eyebrows to begin with, then try threading. Threading tends to promote hair growth rather than reduce it.

So in the end it all depends on your situation, if you want to promote hair growth go with threading. If you want to lessen hair growth go with waxing. Both will give you a beautiful arch no matter what.

------------------------------------------- XOXO -------------------------------------------

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