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Winter Hair Problems? Here's Your Solution

Ladies, as the temperature drops in these bitter-cold winter months, I know you all may wonder what this may be doing to your locks of love this season. Between daily hat hair and static electricity, you hair suffers the most in the winter, believe it or not.

The frigid weather makes your hair dry and brittle, mostly because we do nothing to protect our hair. Don’t worry! I have a few tips to help you this season in keeping your mane from starting on your head, and shedding to the floor.

First, you must protect your hair, always. Some people assume the summer is the prominent time to protect your hair from the sun’s rays or the heat, but the sun’s rays are always present, even on a cold, snowy or cloudy day.

This means, to start your way to healthy hair, begin a deep conditioning regimen for about 15-20 minutes, at least once a week. If your hair doesn’t grease up after one day, avoid shampooing every day, but do condition it. Shampooing can strip your hair of essential oils and moisture that the cold weather further dries out.

Second, use hot oil treatments about every two weeks. Stores carry oil in small tubes for as low as one dollar, and it is definitely worth it. Protective styles help too. Buns, pony-tails, and funky up-dos are a must!

Don’t go crazy with the flat iron every day, it damages your hair every time you use it. If you must, turn your flat iron on a lower heat setting and use a thermal protection spray, which ever brand works best for your hair type.

Lastly, listen to mommy and don’t go outside with wet hair! Not only does this lower your immune system, making you prone to sickness, it leaves your hair air-drying by the cold weather, which can lead to frizziness and split ends. Feel free to add your own winter-weather hair care tips, ladies! Hair repair here we come!

This was a guest article by our lovely beauty intern Amber. Amber Cruse is a senior at Rutgers University, double majoring in journalism and media studies, as well as sociology. Amber currently writes for her university newspaper, and has a keen interest in makeup and beauty. She holds the position of fundraising chair and public relations chair, in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Amber is an outgoing girl, and loves to have fun blogging and practicing television reporting.
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