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How-To: Contour A Nose

Everyone has one or two things that they wish to change or mask with makeup. The most requested thing that clients ask for when getting their makeup done by me is that I contour their nose. Not everyone can afford or would like to change their nose permanently, so contouring comes a close second. It is an easy process once you get the hang of it. Here's how it done.

1. Remove all makeup by using a makeup remover and cleanse the skin by using a soft facial soap.
2. Apply moisturizer all over the face.
3. Have two shades of foundation, one a little darker then your natural skin tone and one that is a little lighter then your natural skin tone. I like using powder for contour and love using Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation NC25 for the dark color and MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation NC30 for the light color for myself. There is also a great contouring and blush palette that is perfect for a professional makeup artist to have in their kit, it's called Coastal Scents Contour and Blush Palette.
4. Using the darker shade of foundation, extend down each side of your nose, starting from the eyebrow and ending at the side of the nostril. Create a line down each side of your nose. Blend outward towards your cheek, under the eye, and around your nostril to make it look as natural as possible.
5 Using the lighter shade of foundation, brush down from your bridge of your nose to the tip, blending carefully.
6. Blend the light and dark lines as carefully as possible without overlapping each color. This avoids sharp lines that will make it seem noticeable.

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