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The Next Hottest Trend: Feathered Eyelashes

Falsies are not what they used to be. Feathered eyelashes are becoming more popular and are being used in fashion editorials left and right. Not only does it add more intensity to the final look, it makes the look original and unique. This trend has hit the runways in NYC and has been in all over the pages of Vogue. More and more cosmetic brands are introducing their own line of feathered eyelashes, which is great because it allows all of to experiment with these falsies.

Feathered eyelashes come in a variety of colors, blends, and sizes. They are applied the same way that other false eyelashes are applied. Try to pick a color that brings out your natural eye color, like black for green/hazel eyes. Choose a length that you are comfortable with that goes with your desired look. Remember that this is all about your desired look and what your are comfortable with. It's all about you and what your are looking for.

Hope you fall in love with this trend as much as I do! Have fun with it my beauties!


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