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Ombre Hair Color

You've seen it all over the magazines, the hottest hair color of the season is Ombre! It's where two different shades of colors (usually dark on the top and light on the bottom) are mixed to look as though the color is transitioning from dark to light. Many celebrities like Jessica Biel, Drew Barrymore, and Sarah Jessica Parker have all embraced this look and it looked amazing on all of them!

It's a trend for those who don't mind being bold and want to do something different with their hair. It could look as though you naturally let your hair grow out but if you have a good color specialist do it for you, it shouldn't look that way. In fact, it should look well blended and gradually goes from dark to light.

I highly recommend to give this a go if you want a totally new you this season and if you aren't afraid of a little change. Have you taken the plunge? Let me know.

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