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Overnight Beach Waves

One of my favorite hairstyles for summer is overnight beach waves. Not only is it simple to do, but it looks great on everyone. Plus anyone who can braid can do these waves! What's also great about this style is that you don't need any heat, so there will be no damage to your hair!

Since this is an overnight hairstyle, you would need to do this the night before.

Overnight Beach Wave Hair Steps:

1. Start by washing your hair. Do not dry your hair, leave it wet.
2. Section your hair into two different sections, right down the middle. Section once again horizontally, so now you have four different sections. If you have thick hair, you can section even further then this.
3. Once the hair is sectioned, braid each section normally.
4. Tie each braid with elastic. Sleep overnight with your hair in braids.
5. In the morning, un-tie the braids.
6. Instant beach waves, with no heat!
7. Apply root volumizer for the crown of your head if you wish.
8. Apply hair spray if you wish.

Have fun giving this go!

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