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MUFE: The Tale Of Aqua

When I used to work for Sephora, I remember Make Up For Ever came up with a aqua based collection that put some waterproof products to shame. It continues to be sold worldwide. When the collection came to the store that I used to work at, I heard of the tale of how the aqua collection came about.

The aqua collection was apparently created by award winning makeup artist and founder of Make Up For Ever, Dany Sanz.  She had originally been asked to create the makeup line for performers of water ballet in Paris. Talk about a challenge! She not only created the first full collection of waterproof makeup but got awarded for it too.

She found a niche that wasn't being fulfilled and created a way to fill it. It took creativity, hard work, and the belief that it could be done. Not only do water ballet performers use the aqua collection, but people who work in theater & stage and even those that live in humid weather tend to lend towards this line of makeup. It's simply the best around!

What was once believed that water and makeup don't mix, is now a thing of the past. We have a found  way to apply makeup even underwater!

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