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Velvet Fashion Show

Yesterday I had the honor of attending the Velvet Fashion Show in Abu Dhabi held at the Rotana Beach hotel. Eight designers from all over UAE participated in the event. From abayas to evening gowns and everything in between, it had everything for anybody's taste. I was impressed with most of the designers' collections since each and every single piece was unique.

One particular design that stood out to me was an evening gown designed by an Emirati fashion newcomer Khaled Al Jenaibi under the label Miss Elegant. It was his first time designing a collection and I was impressed with the details that he put into his pieces. The evening gown was in a dark blue shade and had straps that were made from a men's agal (عقال). An agal is what men wear on their heads around UAE and other Arab countries. What he did was wrap silver around the agal and designed it into the evening gown. Not only did he incorporate Arab culture but he made it modern, current, and definitely fashion forward.

Another prominent designer Muna AbuSuliman from Saudi Arabia debuted a few selections from five of her collections to the Abu Dhabi crowd. Her pieces featured materials from various parts of the world including Italy, India, as well as Saudi Arabia. Each of her pieces was specifically made for that special princess that lives in every girl.

Medici, Visalli Moda Casa, Shaima Al Suwaidi, Ghada, and Nabrman did not disappoint! Each label brought their own take on traditional abayas and managed to create pieces that are fresh and up to date. They were very whimscal and girly!

Sara Hijazi, an Egyptian born designer, brought her inspiration of flowers to the fore front of her collection. She managed to have a cohesive vision from one piece to the next including the gown she wore for her walk down the runway.

Maison Sucre made the night even more special by providing all the attendees cute mini cupcakes that pleased everyone's sweet tooth.

Big thanks goes out to Velvet Magazine on inviting, hosting, and treating us extremely well! More pictures to come!

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  1. thank you for the support and coverage :)

  2. Welcome Lady Velvet! I enjoyed my time so I had to share!


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