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Saving Money On Your Professional Makeup Kit

If you are a makeup artist or even thinking of becoming one, then you know that makeup products can be expensive. Especially when you are starting out and don't have alot of cash lying around to build your professional makeup kit. How can you save money on products?

One great saving secret that every professional makeup artist can use concerns foundation, specifically liquid foundation. One way to save on foundation is by buying two foundation colors, the lightest color and the darkest color from your favorite cosmetic company.

Instead of buying liquid foundation in every color you can mix the light and the dark foundation colors to match your client's skin tone. Find a small pot to mix the colors in and add the light foundation first. Add drops of the dark foundation making sure to stir the colors after every drop. Try to match the foundation color to your client's skin tone as close as possible.

It's not only a great way to save money but you are more likely to match your client's skin tone accurately! Have fun trying this out!

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