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Snake Venom Facial

We talked earlier about how Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Katie Holmes have all been using a special snake venom cream (take a look here) to keep their skin super smooth.  Plus we also mentioned the growing popularity of snake oil for longer, thicker hair (see the articial here). Now, it's no wonder that snake venom facials are the biggest craze in  Beverly Hills!

"The main ingredient used in this Snake Venom Facial, SYN-AKE is actually not real snake venom, but a synthetic version developed to mimic the paralyzing effect of a temple viper's venom. The ingredients send messages to the muscle receptors not to contract, thus a relaxed “Botox” effect is achieved. When a snake bites an animal or human being, the venom works to paralyze the skin and eventually the entire body. The snake venom, or venom-like substances used in many snake venom products, has a similar effect on the skin." says Sonya Dakar, the first person to provide the snake venom facial at her clinic.

The results are immediate, so you will walk out with a fresh new face. Would you give this a go? Have you already tried it? What's your experience?

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