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Trend Alert: Feather Hair Extensions

I have to thank Ke$ha for bringing this trend to the global scale that it has recently come to. Feather hair extensions have been donned not only by her but Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff, and Jennifer Love Hewitt as well. It's got to be the highlight of this summer's trends!

It's a great way to add texture and a little spice to your hair without dying it a bizarre color. You would add it using micro beads. Using one small micro bead, you would pull the hair and the feather through the micro bead. Clamp down the micro bead and your done! The micro bead should be clamped down near the root of the hair.

There is no glue alternatives as of now but there are clip-in feather extensions. Clip-ins are great alternative since they require no commitment. You can take it off and clip it back on whenever you like. It's super simple!

The feather hair extensions come in a variety of different patterns and colors, My favorite has got to be the peacock feathers! I love the colors!! They are so vibrant and truly similar to a peacock's feathers. What's your favorite?

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