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Hi Ladies! I wanted to update all you wonderful readers on the newest thing I've been up to. I recently have agreed to be a part of a brand new salon in Abu Dhabi! The salon is currently in the last stages before the grand launch which we hope will happen around Ramadan.

I am really excited about this adventure because the entire feel of the salon will try to remain true to the Emirati culture. We don't want to lose that touch even when it comes to beauty. I am hoping for the best! Keep us in your prayers!!

I'm also in the process of designing for my other obsession, which is shoes! I have partnered up with a London based shoe company and hope to launch mid-fall of this year. The shoes will be sold online as well as to local & international retailers in the UAE and abroad.  I'm super excited about that as well! I am looking forward to what the rest of year has to offer. Oh and if your a retailer and want to stock up, contact me :)

I want to thank all of you for your wonderful emails, support, and all the love that you provide. I couldn't ask for better readers! I hope that all the articles that I wrote thus far have helped you in some way or another. And you still have a beauty issue that you want me to tackle, send it my way.

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